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Investment Philosophy

“Our style is straightforward and no nonsense.”

TREUN Capital

TREUN invests more than cash. It was set up by private equity veterans with a simple mission – help high potential businesses grow value faster and with more certainty. We want to be genuine investment partners to you –  sharing “best practice” and avoiding pitfalls – experience gleaned the hard way from what we’ve seen work and what we’ve seen go wrong in our 25+ years of working with businesses. We believe our experience, exceptional industry contacts and capital are best put to use for owners and managers to plug into in the “under-served” gap for equity investments of up to £10m.

Our style is straightforward and no nonsense. We will roll up our sleeves to help solve problems and always look to provide clarity. We’re focused on the basics – what does your business need either operationally, strategically or financially to help it move upwards. If it’s right for you and us we will commit to the long term with you.

We have built up an extraordinary bank of industry leaders who are equally passionate about supporting businesses in whatever capacity.  Like us they know what it takes to be a long-term partner to a business. We want to align with owners and teams who are committed to the future success of the companies they have built – where they know the story is only part complete and are willing to partner with us to deliver the bigger prize.

TREUN Capital backs infrastructure and connectivity property consultancy Cluttons

Cluttons is the first real assets advisory business.   It leads strategic property consultancy at the heart of UK mobile telecom, digital connectivity, electric utility and flood defence infrastructure and advises forward market facing professional property estates.

TREUN Capital backs high performance compute solutions leader, Amulet Hotkey

Amulet Hotkey is a technology design manufacturer of GPU accelerated data centres and secure end points and global expert in dense and secure solutions for mission critical operations. It solves future market challenges through best in class Remote Computing, Hybrid Cloud, Artificial Intelligence and Edge solutions for NATO governments and Global 2000 enterprise.

Sectors and Situations

TREUN exclusively backs UK or Benelux headquartered teams with up to £10m of initial equity plus follow on capital, as required. Our core sectors are:

  • Business services and technology
  • Speciality manufacturing
  • Consumer services

We partner with ambitious owners of businesses in attractive niche markets that can sustain or grow gross margins and have the operational infrastructure to support their near term plans.

We structure majority and minority equity investments for

  • MBOs from private owner sales and corporate carve-outs
  • Owners seeking growth capital for expansion and international acquisitions
  • Owners who want a partial exit to de-risk and to benefit from future upside

Our experience and industry contacts also mean that we can and will look to help underperforming or stressed businesses.

Management equity incentives and alignment play a key part in our thinking. We believe strongly in generous rewards for driving value growth realised on a successful future exit.

Investments are arranged using Newco structures in which business owners and the capital we represent all participate.

“We partner with ambitious owners of businesses in attractive niche markets.”

TREUN Capital

About Us

Treun Capital, Paul Canning

Paul Canning


Paul is a founding partner of TREUN Capital. Prior to joining TREUN he was a partner and head of private equity in the UK for H.I.G., a leading global private equity firm. He has spent over 25 years working closely with small and medium size owners and managers to help them grow their businesses.

He is a passionate believer that the introduction of capital and expertise to augment a business can and should be a win/win for all stakeholders (i.e. customers, employees and shareholders). He has been directly involved in leading investments with businesses across a broad range of sectors from business services to manufacturing.

Paul is married with three young children. In between children’s activities he is an avid skier. He is also a long suffering Scotland sporting fan!

“I’ve been lucky enough to share journeys with many great entrepreneurial teams over the years and made lifelong friends along the way. It’s a great feeling when a business takes off and everyone can share in the success.”

Paul Canning
Treun Capital, Alex White

Alex White


Alex is a founding partner of TREUN Capital. Prior to TREUN he was a head of private equity at BDO, set up global education investor ISP and led the European business of Equiteq specialising in knowledge and tech intensive business services. His own journey has included building firms, financing, acquiring and selling companies and investing internationally.   Over 25 + years he has seen the good, bad and ugly of all kinds of private equity investing and business situations.

He is a firm believer that private equity should be a value growth enabler as well as a shareholder solution and that the best partnerships come when owners and managers reach out to collaborate and private equity doesn’t acquire merely to hitch a ride.

Alex is married with two children and lives in Buckinghamshire.  His spare time is spent plotting ski and scuba diving getaways and spending time with family and friends.

“Transforming businesses is hard, risky and touches everyone's lives. Our goal is to make that journey more certain and more valuable to employees, customers and shareholders.”

Alex White

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