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Treun Capital, Alex White

Alex White


Alex is a founding partner of TREUN Capital. Prior to TREUN he was a head of private equity at BDO, set up global education investor ISP and led the European business of Equiteq specialising in knowledge and tech intensive business services. His own journey has included building firms, financing, acquiring and selling companies and investing internationally.   Over 25 + years he has seen the good, bad and ugly of all kinds of private equity investing and business situations.

He is a firm believer that private equity should be a value growth enabler as well as a shareholder solution and that the best partnerships come when owners and managers reach out to collaborate and private equity doesn’t acquire merely to hitch a ride.

Alex is married with two children and lives in Buckinghamshire.  His spare time is spent plotting ski and scuba diving getaways and spending time with family and friends.

“Transforming businesses is hard, risky and touches everyone's lives. Our goal is to make that journey more certain and more valuable to employees, customers and shareholders.”

Alex White

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